The Stay Well Winter Flu Campaign

The annual flu vaccination campaign began this week, 'The Stay Well Flu Campaign' run by Public Health England and NHS England. I'm backing the Stay Well Campaign and encourage all those in the constituency of Northampton South who are eligible to get their vaccination jab. Getting the flu jab is free and easy, and offers the best chance of avoiding the flu.

The Chief Medical Officer warned last week that flu and complications associated with it cause 8,000 deaths on average a year in England - around 6,000 of which are people with existing heart and lung conditions.

If you’re in one of the groups who are particularly susceptible, such as pensioners and pregnant women or the parent of a young child, go and speak to your GP or pharmacist as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of avoiding flu this year.

This year, more people than ever – around 21 million - will be offered the vaccination. Children in school year 4 will be offered the vaccine for the first time and children over age 4 in reception year can get their vaccine in school. Also, a £10m programme will also see a free vaccination offered to all care home workers via their GP or pharmacist.

To find out if you’re one of the 21million people who are eligible this year head to