Dominic Cummings Issue

On Friday 23rd May, the Daily Mirror and the Guardian published a story regarding the movements of Dominic Cummings, the Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister, during the lockdown period. The media made several allegations which understandably caused an outcry for his resignation.

Covid-19 Pandemic update

It has now been almost two months since the Covid-19 lock-down and we have all experienced rapid and extraordinary changes to our lives.

Covid-19 Grant Funding Available

Grant Funding Available for Community Organisations and Parish Councils helping against Covid-19

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Open for Applications 

Brexit Update: Letwin and 'Super Saturday'

On what has been dubbed as ‘Super Saturday,’ MPs sat in the House of Commons for only the fifth time since the Second World War. Saturday sittings have only ever been called in times of emergencies, such as the Suez Crisis of 1956 or the Falkland Invasion of 1982.