Northampton Libraries

The situation of public libraries is a difficult matter involving acute pressures on Northamptonshire County Council budgets which also affect provisions of children and adults’ social care services, but please be assured many of us are trying our best to find a solution. To this end, I met with both users and officers of the libraries in Northampton South. I have also met with Pinder Chauhan, the County Councillor of Sixfields and St James Library, Heather Smith, the County Council Leader on this issue and I met with Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government where I discussed the more general issues of the County Council funding framework.

I have always been interested in cultural heritage and I believe libraries can be a significant part of that. I can assure you we are working together towards a solution for Northampton public libraries. This is an ongoing process so please bear with me as soon as any new developments take place.