The Illegal Migration Bill

I know many people are hugely frustrated about our current immigration system, particularly after all the promises this Government has made to handle the small boats crisis. I have said before that announcements are all very well but that we must see genuine reductions on the ground in illegal and wholly dangerous Channel crossings before I can give an unqualified welcome to Government activity. I do hope that the latest raft of policy measures announced by Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP and the Prime Minster, Rishi Sunak MP, prove to do just that.

I do not want the inhumanity of criminal gangs putting people’s lives at risk, especially when other mechanisms for application exist. I have a significant amount of experience in my office dealing with immigration cases and I support those who go through the correct routes. I have seen these legal routes work effectively for many, including those who have supported British troops in their duties, and it is unfair that others get in ahead of those people.

This Government is ensuring that safe and legal routes are simultaneously improved and made more practicable so that people are able to apply legally and fairly. This must be a priority and will help prevent people from taking this perilous journey.

The Bills aims are to ensure that we have a safe and fair immigration system, which will continue to help the most vulnerable. HMG will comply with its international obligations and the Government is confident that this new legislation will be compliant with the ECHR.